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Induction Programmes


At the start of every academic year, Faculties, Departments and other University Offices (e.g. the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS), Information Technology Services (ITS), the HKU Libraries etc.) organise induction activities for new HKU students. The Induction Programme series of CEDARS, the Inauguration Ceremony, Lead for Life Taster Sessions and Weeks of Welcome (WoW) are just some of the exciting examples on offer. All these activities are designed to help you integrate with the rest of the University and to cultivate your sense of identity as a member of HKU.


Student Body Registration & Hall Information Day

The Student Body Registration & Hall Information Day will be held from 12 to 13 August 2023, depending on your curriculum of study. The Information Day comprises three parts, i) visits to Faculty and Academic Societies; ii) visits to student clubs promoting different cultural, sports and other areas of interests and iii) visits to student booths of residential and non-residential halls and join hall visits.

University Registration and Induction Programme 2023-2024

The University Registration and Induction Programme for New Students will be held from 15 to 19 August 2023, depending on your curriculum of study. The Programme comprises three parts, namely Online Talk on Course Selection with Q&A, Faculty Induction Talk and Programme Induction Talk (if any) and CEDARS Non-Academic Induction Talk.

Explore Your Campus: HKU Treasure Hunt for Freshers 

You are challenged to explore the campus! Complete this treasure hunt for a chance to win $100 worth of campus vouchers! 

HKU Notebook Ownership Programme 2023 

HKU Notebook Ownership Programme 2023 offers a wide range of notebook computers and tablets at discounted prices to all HKU students, staff and alumni. 

CEDARS Non-Academic Induction Talks 

Students will be introduced to a wide range of non-academic support and resources to prepare for the new learning journey at HKU. The face-to-face session on 18 Aug will offer an opportunity for you to meet new friends from ten faculties in the student networking and “speed friending” activities. Attendees of the face-to-face session will also receive exclusive CEDARS souvenirs!

For enrolment, please visit the website below and select “programme schedule for individual curriculum”. 

Lead for Life Taster Sessions 

Join the Lead for Life Taster Sessions on 23 and 31 August 2023, for first-year undergraduates! Lead for Life is HKU’s character leadership certificate programme, a community where you can make friends from all faculties and degree programmes, meet industry and corporate mentors, grow in character to be your best selves, and learn to lead for building flourishing communities together. Lead for Life welcomes everyone. Whatever your background, whether you are quiet or outgoing, have perceived abilities or disabilities, or require special needs, Lead for Life can help you realise your full potential. Don’t miss out on this transformational experience. Come join the taster sessions to learn how Lead for Life can help you on your undergraduate journey at HKU. Sign up today! 

Orientation Day for Non-local Students and Student Club Fair 

This is an orientation session designed for the newly arrived non-local students. Topics include adjustment issues, support services and resources provided by CEDARS, life in Hong Kong and HKU and many more. Apart from introducing you to Hong Kong, the University and our campus, you will also get to know other newly arrived non-local students on the occasion. The Student Club Fair will be hosted afterwards to introduce the new students to various student clubs. You can meet student representatives from different student societies and register on the spot as members of these societies. 

WoW Party 

A definitive and signature HKU Party for ALL new students! DJ FXlion and DJ FA are going to heat up the dance floor with vinyl and digital DJing! Come join the party, immerse yourself in the coolest music, enjoy the drinks and make new friends from around the world before school starts!

Inauguration Ceremony for New Students

The Inauguration Ceremony for New Students, organised by CEDARS, is the University’s formal welcome to all first-year students at which they will meet the principal officers and senior academics of the University. The Ceremony also consists of a Robing Ceremony which signifies the official induction of the new students to the University family. All new students are expected to attend.

Financing Your University Studies 

At this session, you will be given information on the types of financial assistance, First-in-the-Family Education Fund and scholarships available. Tips on financial management and ways to secure part-time jobs will also be shared. 

Semester One

Weeks of Welcome (WoW) 

The Weeks of Welcome for Non-local Students (WoW) is comprised of a series of fun and fact-finding activities to assist the newly arrived students to settle down, induct into the local way and get to know about the new environment and people. We have prepared a series of local tours to help you explore new culture, people and places. Local students will serve as student hosts to lead these activities and introduce Hong Kong and HKU to new students.

ITS Orientations for New Staff and Students 

To provide new students with useful information on the wide range of services offered by ITS, seminars including an introductory session will be conducted.

First-Year Experience at HKU Libraries 

Join the various fun activities and useful courses to learn about the services and facilities in support of your study.

Enjoy your best First-Year Experience (FYE) at the Libraries! 

GEST Orientation 

Being a GEST (GE Student Team) member, not only makes the GE events successful and fantastic, but learns and laughs at a fun and cosy environment. A wide range of positions will be open for application. Training and skills sharing sessions will be offered. Join this orientation to learn more about GEST, help us define GEST, and meet new friends.

CEDARS Global Career Springboard Scheme (CGCSS) Week 

By offering International Internships, Career Exploration Programmes and career-focused Intercultural Leadership Programmes, CEDARS Global Career Springboard Scheme (CGCSS) enriches your global exposure and international career learning experience.  

The annual CGCSS Week will bring to you useful information and the most up-to-date career-driven international learning opportunities under the scheme.  

Throughout the Year

Career and Job Fairs 

Large and small-scale career fairs with different themes are organised for you to get a glimpse of the world of work. You may interact with the insiders of your desired industries and companies, and apply for internships and graduate jobs on site. Types of fairs include annual Career Fair, Startup Job Fair and other industry and theme-based career events.

Event details will be announced in “Daily Jobs & Career Events” emails from CEDARS.

Career Enginee Builder (CEB) and Career Coaching  

Offered by HKU CEDARS-Careers and Placement, this programme aims to provide ongoing support to students of all levels and years of study for their career preparation. It equips students with fundamental career planning tools and critical job application techniques through professional seminars and individual career coaching. CEB’s comprehensive approach ensures that students successfully transition into the workplace by exploring their interests while building their career goals and employability skills. 

Person Enrichment (PE) Programmes 

A wide range of Person Enrichment Programmes are organised to facilitate your university success.

Programme highlights:

  • Cross-cultural Speed Dating – Enjoy a decent meal with fun and laughter, or maybe a little romance while connecting with your peers
  • Stress Management – Learn to relieve and regulate your stress with a series of workshops/activities, including Guided Forest Bathing and Singing Bowl Workshop 

Peer Support Programmes  

  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) – Gain basic knowledge and skills to support your peers with mental health issues before professional help is available
  • Peer Impact Network (PIN) – Support each other and those in need to foster social inclusion on HKU campus and beyond, with areas of focus on Social Adjustment, Mental Health and Disability Confidence

Tea from Around the World 

This cultural exchange programme has been curated since 2017, and student hosts from different places have shared the tea and snacks of their hometowns. You can know more about your HKU international peers and their home countries’ cultures and traditions with tea! Or be one of our student hosts! 

Music Salon & Performance 

Music Salon is a hub for all of our music lovers. Each semester, three sessions of Music Salon with different themes would be curated to welcome students with various musical tastes and interests. What’s more, lunch time concerts and busking around campus will also be organised! 

Holistic Urban Farming and Gardening 

Holistic Urban Farming programmes provide opportunities and inspirations for students to engage in organic farming, horticulture practices and interdisciplinary studies. Students can also be volunteer farmers/gardeners to help with daily operations. 

F:A:C:E: Choice & Sharing
(F:A:C:E = Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences) 

F:A:C:E: Choice recommends arts and cultural programmes to students throughout the year. Ticket subsidy will be offered to full-time HKU students to enjoy different art forms of performances or films. A maximum sum of HK$150 will be provided on a reimbursement basis upon attendance of both the performance and a sharing session. 

Global Friends Programme 

The Global Friends Programme (GFP) is a unique social and networking platform for students to meet friends from around the world. A group of GFP ambassadors will initiate an array of fun-filled activities for you to explore Hong Kong and different cultures.